Exceptional Care, Phenomenal Results

At Oasis Home Care, Inc., we have some of the most skilled and educated clinicians, trainers, and rehabilitative professionals on staff. Trained in all skilled services, we provide effective treatments and targeted therapy designed to bring you results. The ultimate goal of any clinician is to program and to restore your physical health to its previous form.

Providing skilled nursing and therapy services throughout the Palm Beach area, Oasis Home Care, Inc. is highly regarded for our staff and patient satisfaction. Our more than 22 years of experience is second to none. 


Catheter Care

Laboratory Measurements

IV Therapy

Wound Care

Medication Management

Psychiatric Nursing

PT, OT, ST Services


Our number one goal is to provide you with the best therapy services possible, ensuring you make the gains needed to get you back to your former self.

Our Philosophy

         We will provide the highest quality of care available to our patients and their families.  We will give this care with passion and respect to our patients. We will ensure our staff is within the latest advances in medical technology and practices.